Article: Common mistakes while installation of copper tubing for Air Conditioning. Before I jump into the explanation of the mistakes let me tell you the causes and effects of these improper installations.

Now I will explain with examples, the method to install it properly.

Example 01:

This is an example of a two story building, Ground Floor and 1st floor. Also in this building there are drop beams in the walls.  So when someone wants to install the AC in the bedroom at ground floor it is advised to install in indoor unit at the Wall 1 because it will take no bend in the copper line up to the outdoor unit at roof.

But is someone wants to install the indoor unit at wall 2 in the bedroom then there will be bends in the copper line because no direct wall to the roof, so in this case if a proper precautions would not be taken then it will effect on cooling and compressor life, in addition it will cost more electricity as well.

Here are some picture of improper bends:

Example 2:

This example is same as the 1st but without the drop beams. In this case indoor units can be installed any of the 2 walls but in the case of wall 2 copper line should be installed in the ceiling but not bellow the tiles. But even in this case the preferred place for indoor unit is wall 1 because it has no bends

Example 3:

In this example building is same but the units are cassette and ducted split type and the building could have drop beams or not.

In this case any wall can be used for copper tubing but copper line should be under ceiling not under the tiles.  And copper line can easily be taken to any direction because there are no concreate beams above the walls.


2nd case:

In second case if there are drop beams and you want to install cassette or Ducted split unit in this case there must put a horizontal sleeve inn the beam at the time of concrete if the indoor unit is in the other room.

In this example the duct split unit is in sitting area while no wall above the sitting are to roof so the copper line will be dropped in the bedroom and it will be taken to the sitting area through a sleeve in the beam in case if there is a concrete beam.


Video of Complete Explanation